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Supporting the Remedial Teacher

Developed by the spouse of Dutch remedial teacher Jolanda Otto. No generic applications but specific solutions, tailor made for the independent RT pro.
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A communications tool for parent and students

Helping managing appointments for lessons, sharing logbooks about progress, test results etc. Parents have busy schedules and need to fit this in.

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Sharing information with the school and possible other parties involved

Like with parents, lots of coordination takes place with the school and the pupil's teacher(s).

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Taking care of back-office admin work

Billable hours need to be recorded and monthly invoices need to be produced. Why not replace the tedious manual work using Excel lists and producing manual invoices in Word with an on-line solution that links all these elements together?

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Do you want this?

The program is new and under development. This means that you can use it for free and share your experiences and ideas to enhance and improve it further. Join the ever-growing team of "early adopters" and you can use the program for free for life! Thank you for contributing to a better world for remedial teachers. They deserve that.

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